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father and son in arms




"Gripping. Waterwalk is energized and made relevant in part by Faulkner's descriptive literary prose."
Geeta Sharma Jensen, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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"A most capable prose style. Well done."
William Least Heat Moon, author of Blue Highways and River Horse.

"This is the quintessential journey – a trip far outward, deep inward – to see what you're made of. It turns out Steven Faulkner and his son are made of very stong stuff, and the vivid account Faulkner provides makes for exciting reading."
Kent Haruf, author of Plainsong and Eventide.

"Faulkner is a marvelous writer. His use of colorful, descriptive language – gives the reader a third seat in the canoe."
Alan J. Couture, ForeWord Magazine

"Steven Faulkner skillfully enlists sun, moon, wind, water, sand and fire in bringing the reader alongside him and his son on their nine-week voyage. Waterwalk is in turns humorous, haunting, exhilarating, even devastating. There are encounters with “ghosts” here to be savored long afterwards. It's a lyrical odyssey I did not want to end."
James M. Kushiner, Touchstone Magazine

"Writer and poet Steven Faulkner had a brilliant idea to grow closer to his distant teenage son. Take a nine-week 1,000 mile canoe trip. And not just any canoe trip, but one that followed the route Father Jacques Marquette and explorer Louis Joliet took between St. Ignace, Michigan and St. Louis, Missouri in 1673."
Ellen Creager, Detroit Free Press